Diamond Resorts International®

Fraudulent Resellers:
An Increasingly Serious Problem

Diamond Resorts™ has noticed a substantial increase in the number of third-party companies acting as fraudulent resellers, or falsely promising to provide transfer and exit services of timeshare interests. This is a serious problem that has hurt and negatively impacted many of our members and the timeshare industry in general. Fraudsters typically require up-front payments for services they never perform, often leaving the unsuspecting member or owner deeper in debt and still under contract.

These companies often falsely promise to provide timeshare interest transfers or “exit” services to timeshare owners in exchange for excessive upfront fees, occasionally with an alleged “money-back guarantee.” The companies often convince owners to stop making payments on their contracts and tell the owners not to communicate with Diamond Resorts, promising a “legal” cancellation of the owners’ contract via an agreement with Diamond – this is NOT TRUE. Sadly, these promises are rarely fulfilled, and their victims are left without their money, still in debt, or with damaged credit history. At that point, Diamond Resorts is unable to assist, leaving everyone feeling helpless.

Diamond Resorts has created this website to serve as a comprehensive information portal about this pervasive threat and to educate owners, so they do not become a victim. It is intended to be a resource for Diamond Resorts members and owners, members of the media, and other interested parties seeking to better understand the nature of the problem and to differentiate legitimate third-party resellers from the growing number of fraudulent exit companies that are operating across the country.

"Diamond Resorts is committed to
protecting all members and owners."

While this is an industry-wide problem, Diamond Resorts feels compelled to protect our members and owners by educating them about the nature of the threat and by taking legal actions, where appropriate, against illicit companies seeking to exploit unsuspecting owners of timeshare interests.

The overwhelming majority of Diamond Resorts members and owners value the unparalleled vacation destinations and quality service Diamond Resorts offers, and make regular use of their memberships. But occasionally, unforeseen circumstances make it difficult for owners and members to continue utilizing their memberships. In those instances, we strongly encourage members and owners to contact Diamond Resorts directly before engaging the services of a third-party reseller, to prevent becoming the next victim of a fraudulent “transfer” or “exit” scam or paying unnecessary costs.

Customer satisfaction is Diamond Resorts’ top priority and we are committed to working with all members and owners to find a mutually acceptable resolution.